PT. Sinar Jernih Suksesindo (SJS) is a Business Process Outsourcing Company. We provide variety of manpower services and other related customized service to our customers. We are the member of PT. National Energy Solution ( NES ) group which focus on the development of the energy efficiency in Indonesia.

PT. Sinar Jernih Suksesindo was initially the part of PT. Sinar Jernih Sarana, which is one of the renown facility service company in Indonesia. The company was set up due to the high demand of skilled man power and qualified managed service company in the outsourcing industry.

We are now has grown with considerably large force. SJS is currently serving many reputable customers both local and multinational from various industries throughout the nation with the variety of job positions. We continuously committed in improving our service by conducting regular service review, technological improvement and personalized service that match to our customer’s need and goals.

Most of our experienced staffs have been in the industry for more than 10 years, this would give our customers an insightful overview on how the daily practice of the outsourcing business industry in Indonesia without overlooking the customer’s best interest. We believe that the outsourcing business in Indonesia will grow significantly. SJS therefore commit to fulfill the need of our customer’s outsourcing activities by trying our best to understand our customer’s need and goals. We believe that the combination of our selected man power, and years of experience in the industry will contribute to boost and promote the growth of our customer’s business in years to come.

Current Industry coverage

Telecommunication & Network, Leisure and Entertainment, Hotel, Retail, Insurance, Banking, Media and TV provider, Building Management, etc.

Current job coverage

Telesales, Call center, administration, Sales Promotion, Technician, Engineer, Receptionist, Secretary, Programmer, IT, Collector , Surveyor etc.

Area coverage

Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Padang, Banjarmasin, Makasar.


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Happy Clients


People are the back bone of our company, we understand that people are the most valuable asset of our company. We are therefore try our best to provide our best and experienced people to handling our customer with care our team has years of experiences knowledge in the business. We believe that with our strong knowledge industry we will be able to help our client to maximize its outsourcing activities to its best. Meet Our Team.




Training & Awards
Recruitment & Test

Job Vacancies

Credit Marketing Officer (CMO) & Desk Marketing 23 05-07-2018 04-08-2018 JABODETABEK Qualification
Credit Marketing Officer (CMO) 20 05-07-2018 04-08-2018 Cabang Sumbagut Qualification
MAO/CO 10 05-07-2018 04-08-2018 Cabang Sumbagut Qualification
Credit Marketing Officer (CMO) 10 05-07-2018 04-08-2018 Jawa Timur, Bali & NTB Qualification
Maketing Agent Officer (MAO) 10 05-07-2018 04-08-2018 Jawa Timur, Bali & NTB Qualification
Maketing Agent Officer (MAO) 5 05-07-2018 04-08-2018 Padang Qualification
Collector 5 05-07-2018 04-08-2018 Padang Qualification
Credit Marketing Officer (CMO) 5 05-07-2018 04-08-2018 Padang Qualification
CMO, DMO, MAO 10 05-07-2018 04-08-2018 Cikarang Qualification
Collector,CMO,MAO 10 05-07-2018 04-08-2018 Padang Qualification
Driver 3 05-07-2018 04-08-2018 Jakarta Selatan Qualification
SPB/SPM 50 05-07-2018 04-08-2018 Jabodetabek Qualification
Sales Residence 20 05-07-2018 04-08-2018 Jatabo Qualification
Sales Arbi 5 05-07-2018 04-08-2018 Jatabo Qualification
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Please send your CV by mentioning the job code to lowongan@sinarjernihsuksesindo.co.id or walk in interview to PT. SJS
Graha Mustika Ratu Lt. 5 R. 508, Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 74-75 Jakarta (021 - 8306679)


PT Sinar Jernih Suksesindo (SJS)

  • Graha Mustika Ratu Lt.5 R. 508
  • Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 74-75, Jakarta 12780 - Indonesia.
  • Phone: +6221 8306609 Fax: +6221 83708956
  • Mobile: 0812 1004 4023
  • info@sinarjernihsuksesindo.co.id
Graha Mustika Ratu

Sales Contact

Customer Relationship Officer (SJS)


We provide variety administration service to our customers related to our contract staffs administration and regulation, our customer requirement and other additional customized report service Updated Database Reporting. We provide a secured online database for our customers so that our customer can access it anywhere. BPJS & insurance administration. We have dedicated staff who is monitored all the administration and making sure that all contract staffs are well covered for all the BPJS and other insurance offered benefit. Legal contract staffs administration. We will make sure that all contract staffs are legally contracted base on customers company�s policies.

Recruitment & Test

New Staff Recruitment. We will provide the best of our ability to provide skilled staffs that meet to our customer’s need and requirement We provide variety of free test to all of potential candidates before given to our customers to be selected. We have also built an online test to make it easier for our potential candidates who is located in remote area. A fast and accurate result will be delivered to our customers in an instant.


Professional Trainer. The professional trainer will be provided to our customers depend on the initial agreement and our service level agreement to our customers, We provide various soft skill training including motivational training and even a hypnotherapy training for our contracts staffs. All material are customized to our customer need and will be discussed prior to the training. In House Trainer. We have in experienced in house trainer staff who will provide the training to our contract staffs. The subject will depend on the specific goals or area that the customers want their staffs to be improved.


We understand that on time staff’s salaries is one of the pivotal matters to our contract employees. We will make sure that is delivered on the committed date to all of our staffs. A built in notification through SMS regarding the detail of their salary can also be provided to our contract employees so that they will get an instant notification on the pay day.

Swing Employees

We manage transfer employees from customer’s internal contract or other conditions. We understand that employees should be prioritized and that their benefit should not be less than what they already had. We will do a thorough analysis and provide what is best to the employees

Dedicated Employee Relation

Dedicated employee relation will be provided to our customers depends on the certain number of the people managed. This will allow customers to focus more on their core business and let us do things to manage the administration and improve the quality of our contract personnel.

Customized Service

We understand that every customer has different needs and goals. We are here to help customers in what we know best which is in managing people. By doing consultative approach we hope that we could understand our customer’s need, follow it through and customized in order to get the expected output.


Art Director

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